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Definition of MRP - Material Requirement Planning - what is mrp

MRP technique (material requirement plan) is a solution relatively new to a classic problem of production: control and coordinate the materials in order to find them available when necessary, and without having the necessity of possessing an excessive inventory

To make possible this techniques are necessary the following dates:

Bill of materialsThe structure of each product, calculate its components, its materials and quantities appropriated to them. This structure gives a bill of materials known as BOM (bill of materials).

StocksInitial stocks of the final product and every component which conforms it.

Lead TimeTime that is necessary since we order a product until it is obtained.

Lot size.The size of the minimum pack that you can acquire for each material.


Bill Of Materials BOM

The bill of materials is a clear and precise description of the structure of the shown product.

Integrated components


Assembly sequence

We will see it clear with the following examples :

We are going to make a bill of material of scissors , it is composed by 3 parts :

  1. Left side ( L )
  2. Right side ( R )
  3. Screw ( S ) that joins both sides.

Example of bill of materials

The assembly sequence is showed with the hierarchy of the product by means of levels, therefore the level 0 is the finished product, the level 1 is the semi elaborated product and so on.

To work in a comfortably way, we should use a code for each element that conforms the final product, so we can find a representation as the following:



Bill of materials example.

The Bill of materials before is defined by a list of materials of only two levels, there are bills of materials of 20 levels or even more, we have just to think in the development of the bill of the materials of a car or a train.

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Macro Excel MRP - Calculation and automatic explosion of MRP with Excel

In webandmacros you can download the macro Excel MRP, you can:

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