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Articles and Tutorials Balanced Scorecard, MRP, Innovation.

Thanks to the technology Web, we can look for information about any subject, having a great virtual library where we can find and consult everything. It can be reach by everyone.

The articles of webandmacros are addressed to the people who want to know about the industrial world. The management of the company, techniques and improvements of the production process, quality models.

I have written all the articles using a not much technical language, explaining step by step each new concepts, therefore anyone can understanding the information given.

I hope this will be useful for the reader, if any doubt click on the section of Contact.

I will start by the article section with 3 big subjects that I will later develop:

Balanced Scorecard BSC

Balanced Scorecard BSC - What is this ? What it is used for ? definition and main concepts of Balanced Scorecard BSC.

The intangible assets and the Balanced Scorecard - Definition of the tangible and intangible assets of the company, you will also find the importance assets inside an organization.

Process of creation and design the Balanced Scorecard BSC - Exhibition of the methodology to create and to design the Balanced Scorecard, strategic plans for the company.

SWOT analysis - Analysis of the company, definition of the SWOT analysis and the SWOT matrix. Strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats, can be found here.

Declaration of the mission and the values of the company - Definition of the concepts of mission, vision, and corporative values of the enterprise, moreover it's included several illustrative examples like the Gas Natural Company, KPMG , Ford.

The strategic Plan and the Balanced Scorecard - Definition of the strategic plan of the company, exhibition of the Balanced Scorecard through the strategic maps. These maps measure the success of the company. It introduces you to the four perspectives of CMI : Financial, customer, internal business process, and processes of learning and growing.

Financial perspective - Definition and indicators of the financial perspective of the balanced scorecard, explanation of the 2 strategies that define the financial perspective, examples of indicators for the financial perspective.

Customer perspective - Definition and indicators of the customer perspective of the balanced scorecard, explanation of the 4 strategies that define the customer perspective, examples of indicators for the customer perspective.

MRP - Material Requirements Planning

MRP Material Requirements Planning - What is Material Requirements Planning ? What it is used for ? basic dates, bill of materials.

Example of MRP - The first practical case of working with MRP, it includes a detailed explanation with images of the working and calculation of the MRP . File of registry of inventories , Master production schedule....

Information of MRP - information about explosion of MRP, plan of production ,plan of purchases and supplying , report of exceptions and actions.

Innovation I+D+i

Innovation I+D+i - Basic knowledge about the meaning of innovation, its types and examples.

I+D+I investigation, developments, innovation - What is the I+D+I ? Process of investigation and its development. Is it necessary to investigate the creation?

Lean manufacturing - Lean Management

5s - 5 s definition and examples, lean 5s, methodology to apply your 5s lean management system in your company.


CRM definition and applications - Definition of CRM, Customer Managment Relationship, applications of the CRM to our organization, Management of the customers like strategy of development of the business.

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