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CRM - Customer Relationship Management.

CRM corresponds to the abbreviation of the words Customer Relationship Management , management of the relation with the costumer. The CRM is not a new philosophy of work either organization but the result of the union of the ancient commercial techniques of the little compounds with the technology of the information. The highest objective of the CRM is to dispose every moment all the information about any client, in order to fulfil his needs and to obtain studies of the market that will allow an improvement in our commercial strategy.

Definition of the CRM

The definition of the CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) encloses two concepts, the CRM refers to the strategy of the business address to the client as well as every computing application , including the software and the hardware known as front office. They are necessary to process, to analyse and expose the outcome information to measure and feed the developed strategy of the enterprise.

There are many definitions about the CRM that express the essence of the before one, hereafter are explained some of them:

CRM consists on an strategy of the organization, it is focused on the efforts of knowing the customers, detecting their needs, increasing the grade of satisfaction and their loyalty to the enterprise , also raising the profitability or the benefits of the costumer to the business. All this is made by means of the extracted information by the customers from the different ways of communication.

CRM refers to those applications in which the enterprise can use in order to administer all the aspects of the encounters with the customers. A CRM system can enclose all this things, from the technology to collect dates in the telephonic calls of the sale area, to the web places of self service where costumers can learn about the products and their buy, also about the analysis of the customers and administrative system.


CRM is a general strategy that allows the enterprise to be in contact in an efficient way with their customers. Therefore, the CRM solutions include the technology of the information ( TI ) together with the telephony in order to be able to identify , to attract and to increase the retention of loyal customers through the administration of the mentioned reason.

The CRM is a generic concept in which are denominated diversity of solutions of hardware and software that are offering us today in the market , and it is centralised in what this enterprises name the " front office " which integrates the areas of sale, of marketing, of publicity, of internet etc.To conclude, is the new computing generation and it is focussed in the solutions of the business, because jus few time ago this enterprises of hardware and software offered in this field just isolated products. The difference is that nowadays have been obtained complete solutions.

After this definitions, you will ask .

What is the use of the CRM ?

Applications of the CRM

CRM allows us and it is applied in order to a better knowledge and loyalty to our customers.

Each client is different, and so that, different has to be treated in a different way.

Loyalty to our customers

The CRM allows us to be loyal to our actual customers, the guru of the Marketing Philip Kotler, points that there is a big number of markets and areas which have reached an advanced step of maturity, inside a market completely competitive where every time the products or services of the different companies are getting similar or are identical between them ( telephonic sector, energetic sector, sector of paper . ) . The main differences are hold in the price of sale of the product and in the treat with the client. It costs more to make new companies of publicity in the different channels and ways of communication to obtain new customers than satisfy the needs of the actual ones, who when receiving an special treat, possibly might buy more products or services of our business in the same sale action. This act is known as cross- selling. The customers would also buy products of high standing, because of this, a major benefit is obtained when being loyal and nice to your customers. This is better than the wild search for new customers by any way. To finish with, the value of our satisfied client provokes an unforgettable image of the company, as well as the attraction of new customers. In this fields or markets cost 5 times more attract a new client than keep on with existents.

CRM allows us loyalty our present customers. .

Frederick Reichheld insists on the loyalty of the actual customers as the key to success in the business, because as their studies show , a little increase as there would be a 5% of the loyalty of the client , it generates high impacts , 95% over the whole actual value generated by the customers.

Knowing better your customers.

CRM allow us to know better our customers. We need information about themselves, personal dates, products or services contracted, volume in sale of this products, characteristics of the products or acquired services, frequency of the buy, channels or ways to be in touch with the company, commercial actions that have been already realized and their answers to them, their grade of loyalty, their likes.Once we have all this information we will be able to know better each of our customers and act on them in order to cover their needs at the same time we obtain more earnings when being loyal with them.

The true business of every company consists on making customers, keep them and maximise their profitability, by means of the CRM applications this principle can be reached by every company that inverts on effort and resources developing the strategies focussed on the client, CRM strategies, as well as inverting in technology of the Information ( T. I. ) as the data mining, data bases, business intelligence ( B. I. ) , that will allow us to obtain and analyze the CR information.

Because all of this reasons, the CRM strategy ( Costumer Relationship Management ) of the company can not be left outside.

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