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Dynamic Web ( Definition, Examples, Application Web ...)

Dynamic Webs are those that allow you to create applications inside the own web, granting a greater interactivity with the navigator. Dynamic applications like surveys and voting, forums of support books of visit, shipment of intelligent e-mails, reserve products, commands on line, personal attention to your client.

The development of this web is more complicated because they require a specific knowledge of programming languages as well as the creation and management of data bases. But, the big power and service granted by this pages is to make data bases useful, let us see it with the following example:

Imagine you are interested in the development of a web site where announced your products or services of your business. To a greater pick up of the clients you should posses a form , where the clients will make their orders of your available products on line. Customer will fill it, indicating the quantity and the address. Then, they will press the bottom " sent" and immediately the date and the hour will be shown in the screen as well as the description of the asked products with the final price.

Products Price
Shopping Cart.
0,35 $
1,20 $

Another great advantage that provides dynamic web sites is the possibility of working with data bases, which can store all the dates you are interested in, and you can make a later consultation.

Would you like to know the preferences and opinions of your products and services ?

Which are the orders generated through the network?

These and other questions will find the answer in this dynamic web and data bases that handle.

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