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Excel 5s - Excel lean management

Remembering the discussion in the article of 5s methodology, the fifth and final S consist to sustain and respect the achievements made during the implementation of the previous 4s, so that the effort invested and the profits obtained lasts over time. The tool needed to maintain such methodology is the 5s audit, as result of this audit we can monitor the level of implementation and generate possible actions necessary to enable us to continuous improvement.

Using Excel 5s template we can manage the various phases of 5S audits and monitor the progress of such audits, following it explains the operation of the Excel 5s.

5s Audit

The Excel worksheet "5s Audit” gives us a pattern to follow for the conduct of audits that are designed to keep all the achievements made during the implementation of the 5s methodology, the fields to fill in the template are:


  • Company: This section will indicate the name or logo will place of our company / organization.

  • Area: We indicate the section, department, workshop or area where the 5s audit will proceed.

  • Auditor: We indicate the name of the person conducting the audit.

  • Day: will indicate the day on which the audit is performed.

Objective vs Real

  • Objective - In each of the 5s phases will indicate the objective that we have set to achieve.

  • Real - This field will indicate the results of each of the S phase during the audit.

5s stages

Each of 5s stages will write 4 questions related with the S indicated on the left side, on the other hand we will score with a scale of 0 to 3 the result of the question.

The scoring system is based on the following criteria;

  • 0 - Nonexistent, There are no reality regard to the question.

  • 1 - Poor, the level of compliance is less than 40%

  • 2 - Well, the level of compliance is greater than 40% and less than 90%

  • 3 - Excellent, the level of compliance is greater than 90%

Based on this scoring system, we will add the points earned in each of the questions as well as in each of the S, such that for each S we can obtain a maximum of 20 points and the overall of the 5s a maximum of 100 points.


Finally we indicate and sign the auditor's name and the name and signature of the person who has given ok to the audit.

5s Evolution

Excel spreadsheet "5s evolution" allows us to plan and monitor the level of implementation and compliance with the 5S methodology. The fields to be filled are:

5s audit planning

  • Scheduled date- In this field we have to set a date by which we will make the 5s audit, indicating the frequency of conducting audits.

  • Real date - will indicate the date on which the audit was performed.

  • Scheduled auditor - name of the person responsible for conducting the audit on the date set.

  • Real auditor - Name of the person who performed the audit 5s.


This section will indicate the total amount of points obtained in each of the S audited, automatically refills the graphs that show the overall evolution of the 5s and partial evolution of each S, in order to allow us quickly monitor the degree of implementation and maintenance of the 5S in our organization / company.

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