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Excel Gantt Macro, Project Managament with Gantt Chart.

Gantt chart represents the traditional tool par excellence to show the activities or tasks of a project. These graphics were designed by the North American engineer Henry L. Gantt. They have been in use since the 1 st world war till the present days.

Definition of Gantt Chart.

Every project is composed by some activities or tasks, they have to be ordered and related. They should be realised during a fixed time in order to reach the final objective. Activities or tasks consume time, resources and they have an associated cost.

If we draw a graphic to each activity with its duration, following a time scale, we will obtain the Gantt Chart.

The Gantt Diagram represents the advance of the project, observing its delays and its progress as well as the calculations of the consumed resources and the whole cost.

It is the perfect tool to everyone project, comparing the theoretical planning of the beginning of the project with its real advance.

Excel VBA Macro Gantt- Project Managament with the Gantt Diagram :

The following Excel Macro Gantt allows us to calculate and to represent automatically the advance of the project breaking down in each correspondent task.

Data Introduction:

We start clicking the button "PLANNING GANTT" on the Excel sheet , a panel will appear with the following buttons : New tasks, delete task, modify task, New, new project, help, exit.

Control Panel Excel Macro MRP

Control Panel Excel Macro MRP


Button Planning Gantt

Button Planning Gantt






New Project : When pressing the button " NEW PROJECT " a message will appear . It will ask us if we want to delete the previous project in order to create a new one.

New Project - Excel Macro Gantt.

New task : With this button we can include a new task in the project, each task requires the following fields:

Task : It has to be specified the task or the activity.

Precede: The activity or task that has to be finished in order to let the actual task start, if the activity is initial, that means that has no one before, it will be specified with " - "

Duration: Planned time of the task or activity.

Used time : The real time you have used or you are using during the activity.

Finished task : You specify if the actual task has finished.

Userform New Task Gantt Chart.

Form New Task Gantt Chart.

Delete task : Pressing this button appears a window where we specify the task we want to erase and a confirmation.

Form Delete Task - Excel Gantt .
Form Delete Task - Excel Gantt .
Form Delete Task - Excel Gantt .

Modify task : pressing this button a new window will appear where we select the task we want to change , once it is selected a formulary will be shown. It will contain the previous established values where we can change them. At the end of this a confirmation is shown.

Form modify task of the project - Excel Gantt Chart
Form modify task of the project - Excel Gantt Chart.
Form modify task of the project - Excel Gantt Chart.

Form modify task of the project - Excel Gantt Chart.

Creation of the Gantt Chart with Excel Macros.

Once the dates of every activity are introduced we press the "RUN" button and automatically the Excel Macro Gantt will generate the graphic of the project with the following elements:

Horizontal Axe: it is shown a calendar with a time scale ( hours, days, months, years, ) this calendar will define the position ( initial and final ) of each task or activity.

Vertical Axe : It is shown the task or activities that include the project, to each task corresponds one bar which its length is proportional to its duration.

Theoretical Planning : It is shown though the theoretical bars of duration of each activity. This time is defined by the introduced value in the " DURATION" field , each activity is marked with an " X " the real time you use in the tasks, this time is defined by the field " USED TIME " to conclude , it is calculated the theoretical time to finish the project.

Real Planning : It is shown with a bars of real time in case the activity is finished, if it is not finished yet, the theoretical value of the activity, the real time has always to be less than the theoretical, on the contrary, the real value will be shown, to sum up you make again the project to obtain the real time as well as the real time of advance of the project .

Finished Task : If it is finished the green bar will appear.

Non-Finished Task : If the task is finished the red bar will appear.

Excel Gannt Chart.

Gantt Chart - Excel Macro.

Also, the beginning and the end of each task is calculated taking into account the predecessor task as well as if the task is finished. This calculation serves to put the time in scale to each activity.

Report Advance of the Project- Macros Excel Gantt

At the end of the program macro- Excel Gantt creates automatically a report about the advance of each activity, showing the percentage of the finished actions, and the advances or delays. This report is generated when clicking the button " GANTT REPORT "

Report Advance of the Project- Macros Excel Gantt
Gantt report button.





Pressing on the button “GANTT REPORT ” it is generated report about the state of advance of the Project.


Alerts Macro Excel Gantt

The own Macro Excel Gantt will show us some alerts to guide us when introducing dates, it will avoid mistakes and will give us an easy and quick environment.

Alerts Excel Gantt - Project Planning.

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