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Definition of macros VBA in excel, word, access, AutoCAD.


Definition of macros vba - What is macros vba

Macros VBA.Macros are a group of programmed instructions under environment vba ( visual basic applications ) whose main task is the automate tasks and the resolution of complex calculations.

Vba language is a programming language based on the visual basic focused on the accomplishment of programs of the tools Excel, Access, Words by means of macros vba we can create new functions to our Excel sheets, you can personalised styles and formats, to create programs to resolve complex calculations, automate tasks.

Example of Vba code applied in Excel. Example of Vba code applied in Excel.

Once we have made the vba code, we can execute the programme though the creation of bottoms, new menus, so the created application turns to be intuitive and easy handing.

Which are the uses of macros vba ?

Though macros vba we can create many applications that realise calculations automatically and we can also obtain results in few seconds.

Macros vba work with diversity of programs, the most known are included in the package office ( Excel, Word, Access ) but also these macros work with many programmes as SolidWorks, AutoCAD ( a software created to the engineering design ) , which provides an enormous versatile use, and also the communication between the diverse programs.

Next there are some examples in which macros vba are used

Macros Vba with Excel.

Macros Excel. Creation of new functions as the function of "code " which converts alphanumeric digits of drawings based on codification bars.

Automate repetitive tasks - accomplishment of automatic reports, connection with data bases and other programmes.

Resolution of complex and iterative calculations.

Creation of programmes, like documentary managers, planning software.

Macros Vba with AutoCad.

Macros AutoCad.By means of macros vba we can communicate our Excel sheets with the plans drawn in AutoCAD.

Creation of automate resorts on the data contained in the plans, information about the stamps, about the points, lines and figures of the plans ...

Parameterisation and creation of plans through an Excel sheet.

creation of new functions with AutoCAD.

Macros Vba wtih Solidworks.

Macros with SolidWorks.

Macros Vba

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