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Excel balanced scorecard - Excel dashboard

With the Excel Balanced Scorecard now all the executives and managers of any company or organization can trace and monitor his strategies by this Excel spreadsheet dashboard made simple, intuitive and efficient use.

How do I know if I can manage my business well?, What am I failing to correct it?, I can continue to improve?, Reach my goals?, These and other questions find their answer using the Excel balanced scorecard.

As we explained in the article about balanced scorecard methodology, that Excel dashboard enables executives and managers monitor the performance of the strategies proposed in order to achieve the objectives, the achievement of the objectives is defined by development and implementation of the strategy map and its indicators.

One of indicators used in the implementation of balanced scorecards is the indicator known as the speedometer, which shows in a very graphic and explain way the degree of compliance with each of the indicators, so that at a glance we may be able to define the area in which we must improve if we want to achieve or enhance business goals.

Excel Scorecard - Excel dashboard spreadsheet

Once we open the Excel file, it will appear the first spreadsheet called "Indicators" on this sheet is filling up the set of indicators that define our balanced scorecard.

All indicators are grouped in 4 sets different perspectives of the scorecard methodology, the financial perspective, customer, internal processes and learning and growth perspective.

indicator excel scorecard

Indicators are defined by filling the following fields:

  • Name - Enter the name of the indicator, egg productivity, absenteeism, net benefits, etc

  • Red - Specify the maximum value at which the portion of the indicator will be red.

  • Yellow - Specify the maximum value in which the portion of the indicator will turn yellow.

  • Green - Specify the maximum value at which the portion of the indicator will turn green.

  • Target - Specify the value of the target for the indicator.

  • Real - Specify the real value obtained for the indicator.

Once we have filled these fields correctly the Excel file will automatically create an scorecard with all predefined indicators, all speedometers indicators are on the sheet called "scorecard"

excel scorecard

The report generated by the Excel dashboard allows us to visualize the degree of compliance with the indicators defined in a simple, intuitive and effective way, being the basis for identifying new actions to be taken to achieve or enhance the goals of our company or organization.

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