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Webandmacros objective.

The creation of this web site is focused in 3 clearly differentiated aims:

  • Give to know the power and the enormous advantages that the creation of this web page gives to our business and its design. As well as knowing the different technologies that are used for the creation of the web page, giving details of it. (more...)
  • Promoting the use of our business or the personal use of the automate Excel sheet in Macros vba excel, allowing to create flexible and effective tools. Knowing the advantages and benefits that this kind of applications gives to us, and the use of the vba language in different contexts. (more...)
  • Use the net to expose article related to the industrial world and management, creating a "virtual library" where to find information about the Balanced Scorecard, EFQM model.. (more...)

Why do we have to create a website ?

Design and creation of pages and Websites.


The objective of every company is to obtain benefits about their sales, to do this, is necessary being known in the market in order to obtain new clients. If we do not have orders it is useful to have a productive department. Therefore an important point in the company is the developed marketing to publish the products and services that are offered by the business.

Between all the existent publicity tools, I have chosen the web way, because of the innumerable advantage and also the low cost of inversion that it supposes.

Macros vba in Excel.

Macros in Excel.


Another basic point of the company resides in the good internal management of all the processes that intervene in the realization of the orders made by the client. Inside this field we include the logistic, the production, the sales. realise this management is an effective and fast way. It's very useful to create management tools by means of Macros and software created in Excel which let automate tasks as well as the realization of complex and tedious calculations.

Webandmacros articles

Articles of Balanced scorecard, Mrp , innovation ...


Finally the objective is trying to expose a kind of articles related with the industrial world , articles that will allow us to know and to get deeply into the diversity of subjects, as the Balanced Scorecard BSC , techniques and methodologies to improve the productive process, I + D + i (Investigation, Development, Innovation), quality models as EFQM.

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