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Static web (Definition, Examples, Blog , Webquest ...)

Static web sites are mainly focused on showing permanent information , where the navigator is limited by itself to obtain the data. Static web sites can not interact with this information, without interacting with the visited web page. They are constructed with hyperlinks of important webs that can conform your web site. These kind of web are not able to support web applications as intelligent data base managers, forums, consultations on line, intelligent e-mails...

It is a common option to those web sites that just offer a description of its enterprise , like, who we are, where we are, our services. it is address to companies that do not want any pretensions of their web site, it is ideal to those who just want to inform their clients about their products and about the profile of the company.

The main advantage of these pages is how economically viable their creation is, with a presentable design, it also includes the images and the text which you want to inform customers of. A static web site can be created without any special type of programming ( php , asp ) .

The only disadvantage of the static websites resides on the hard updating as well as the loss of powerful tools supported with data bases, like the creation of historical registers of the clients, orders online ..

Some examples of the creation of static webs are:

Vitae Curriculum.

Everyday we find more people who use the web to their curriculum vitae, it is a good way to present to the others if you want to find a job or establishing commercial relations.

Web Quest.

They are developed with an educative purpose. The teacher, or the university will propose to a group of students a particular subject ( biology, physics, chemistry, literature) with some questions about the chosen item. This web will allow them to investigate deeply. The main objective of the Web Quest resides in learning the contents of the chosen subject in a dynamic way.

Blog or binnacle.

It is a site where authors compile chronologically messages , always preserving the way free of publishing what they want.

Informative Web.

Those web sites offer information about a specific subject ( Celebrations in Valencia : fallas; Andalusia gastronomy. ..). Generally these sites are not update, therefore, all the contents remind invariable through years.

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