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Methodology design Webpages and Websites.

Our page or web site, shows the image of our business towards the world, because of this the creation and operation of our web site implies a well defined and contrasted methodology .

The following figure shows a methodology which will allow us to reach our aim.

Methodology of creation, design and operation of sites and pages Web.

Methodology design Webpages.

Planning of a Web site.
Our ideas and objectives are shaped in paper


>> Choosing the appropriate kind of web

First it is very important to know which type of web we want to create , then we will make a design, applications , all of this applied to the selected type of web .

Some examples :

  • Commercial websites
  • Professional websites
  • Information website
  • Leisure website.

>> Definition of the subjects

All the subjects that are going to be exposed in the web must be defined. Later on, we will make a positioning methodology.

  • Web site where you can sell any kind of objects.
  • Web site specialized in the purchase and sales of flats.
  • Professional web sites specialized in consulting new technologies.
  • Web site with information about Prado's museum .

>> Explaining Objectives

You have to expose the aim you want to reach, then you will comment on the strategies to get trough this objectives.

  • Present the business, pick up clients and generate orders.
  • Sell publicity to obtain income
  • Present you Curriculum Vitae in the network.

>> Scalability

It defines the visions in short and long term about our website, if we want to extend our page with new applications, new pages ....

>> Definition of the design

Depending on the type of web, the theme selected, the raised objectives and the scalability, we are prepared to define the web design ( forms , bottoms, links . ) , therefore we will obtain storyboard of our website.

Construction and design of a page, Website.
Making ideas in realities.


>> Visual design and creation of the information

Creation of the framework of the web, tables, headers, text, buttons ...

Creation of the images that accompanied our Web, logo, headers, photographies and also the comprehensive process and materials information we are going to show.

>> Application Web

Creation of the application of our web will contain, forums, orders online, through specific programming and creation of data bases.

>> Positioning Web

Once we have finished our web site, our main aim is that it can be found in any search engine, especially in Google, we want to appear in first place to have more visits.

At this point is where we have to implement the specific methodology to reach an optimal position, defining the keywords search , the creation of robots machines, txt, .

>> Testing

The realization of the text to check the usage and the correct operations of the website, we do not want to show broken links, pages with different formats, non- functional application. All this contributed to a bad image and will make that no one come back to our page.


Maintenance and operation Web.
Show us to the World


>> Extensions and operation web

It is very important to offer new information which attracts our visitants. It is also important to define a website with novelties or news where visitants have quickly the information and appreciate that our website is alive and can offer new services.

>> Positioning Web

The art of positioning web is a methodology. It is very important to be in the first position of the searches engine, great part of our sources depends on the number of visits that our web receives.

>> Marketing.

Make a marketing strategy is to show our web to everyone and we can do it through the newspapers or links of another webs.

>> Maintenance

The making of programs of maintenance is to keep the web alive many time possible.

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