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Intangible and tangible assets.


Definition of Intangible and tagible assets.

Tangible assets are considered the goods of material nature they can be perceived by senses like :

  • Row material and stocks
  • The furniture
  • The machines
  • The lands
  • The money

Intangible assets are considered the goods of immaterial nature :

  • The science of knowing what to do
  • Our relations with the clients
  • Our operative processes
  • The technology of information and databases.
  • Capacities, abilities and innovations of the employers.

Intangible assets vs. Tangible assets.

The present situation of the economy is governed and directed by the intangible assets the company has. Formerly in 1920, the economy was dominated by the tangible assets , during this period the financial indicators were adopted to manage the company effectively.

A study of Brookings's institute in 1982 showed the tangible assets represented the 62% of the value in the market of industrial organizations. Ten years later, in 1992 the proportion lowered until 38%, Financial indicators are still used to direct and to take decisions, but they just represent less than 10% of our value. The question is why do we still use them?

Intangible assets evolution value in the company.

The intangible assets are the most important sources of the organization that grant competitive advantages to other companies. The organization that has an excellent operative process, knows their segment in the market and possess the knowledge to develop a unique product, and has the ability of motivating their employers, will have a guaranteed success.

Before the described perspective, we need tools to describe the intangible assts, the Balanced Scorecard by means of elaborating an strategic map, relates and transforms these intangibles assets into tangibles, as money. The Balanced Scorecard through his four perspectives, uses indicators to describe the intangible assets, therefore we can monitor and control the intangible activities which add value to the company.

Perspective of the Balanced Scorecard - Financial, Customer, Internal Process, Learning and Growth.

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