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Definition of the mission, vision and values of our organization

Once we have analysed and described the present situation of our company (look at the previous chapter) the following step is to conform our strategic plan. It consists of the declaration of the Mission , Vision and values of our company, the mission allow us to be aware of our work in the market, the vision establishes the goals and objectives we want to reach. Finally the values define our way of working to reach our vision.

Definition of the mission of a company - examples.

Mission : defines the business , the needs of covering their products and services, the market in which it is developed and the public image of the company.

The mission of the company is the answer of the question : why does the organization exists?

Next, it is described the declaration of the mission of many companies or institutions.

Mission Gas Natural.

Mision of Gas Natural

The mission of this group is to attend to the energetic needs of the society, providing services and respectful products to their clients with the environment, and also, giving to its shareholder and increasing profitability, and to the employee the possibility of developing their professional competitions.

Mission KPMG

Mision of KPMG

Transform the knowledge into value to benefit the clients and the capital markets.

Mission Ford.

Mision of Ford

Our mission: we are a global, diverse family with a proud inheritance, providing exceptional products and services.

Declaration of the Vision of a company- examples.

Vision : defines and describes the future situation that a company wishes to have, the intention of the vision is to guide, to control and to encourage the organization as a whole to reach the desirable state of the organization.

The vision of the company is the response to the question of: What do we want our organization to be?

Corporative values are the answer to the question of what we believe into and how we are.

Vision  Gas Natural.

Vision of Gas Natural.

Our vision is to be a powerful group in continuously growth, with multinational presence which differs of providing an excellent service to our clients, yield maintenance to the shareholder, an extension of opportunities to the employees and a positive contribution to the society acting with a commitment global citizenship.

Vision KPMG.

Vision of KPMG.

Our vision: be leaders of all the markets we participate.

Vision Ford.

Vision of Ford.

Our vision: become the main company of the world in products and services of the car.

Definition of the values of a company - examples.

Values : Define the group beliefs, and rules that control the management of the company. It represents the institutional philosophy and the support to the cultural organization.

The main objective of corporative values is to have a framework of reference that inspire and control the life of our company.

Values Gas Natural.

Values of Gas Natural

  • Orientation to the client.
  • Commitment with the client
  • Sustainability.
  • Interest in the people
  • Social responsibility.
  • Integrity.

Values  KPMG.

Values of KPMG

  • We are leaders of our examples
  • Team work
  • Respect to people
  • Analyse facts.
  • Honest and open communication
  • We involve with the community.
  • What is more : we act with integrity.

Values  Ford.

Values of Ford

Our values: make well things to our people, our environment and our society, but to our clients.

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