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Information of the MRP

The outcome information of the MRP is really important to the right operations of the company. Mainly this information will be the following:

MRP (material requeriment planning)Plan of production of each articles made specifying the quantities and dates of the manofacture orders, to calculate the supply of the work in each section of the plant and later to establish the detailed programme of production.

MRP (material requeriment planning)Plan of supply detailing dates and sizes of the orders to suppliers for all those references that are acquired in the outside

MRP (material requeriment planning)Report of Exceptions and Actions allows us to know the delayed orders and its possible repercussions on the production planning, and about the date of delivery of the orders. This report is important to take decisions like the contract of the production, increase the permanent staff, duplicate the turns, and negotiate with the clients the possible delays.

We are going to analyse this outcome with the before example of the MRP explosion to make scissors:

Plan of production.

Plan of Production.

Plan of Production

The last file, shows the Emissions of Planned Orders (EPO), here are indicated the quantities and the dates in which the orders have to be launched. In this case, in the second weeks we have to produce 500 scissors, we have to be able to make 500 units in one week because the lead time is just one week. At this moment the works are programming.

Sales planning or Supply planning.

Sales planning or Supply planning

Plan of Supply

For the article S, the emission of the planned orders, indicates that we have to launch the fabrication order or the sell of 825 units of screws during the first week. If we acquire them by a supplier, the EPO shows that in this week we have to realise the order in order of be given the product by the supplier the second week. If we do this, we can cover the Net Requirements, the information let us generating automate reports to our suppliers, and therefore they can work avoiding the delays or the mistakes as well as having a minimum stock.

Report of Exceptions and Actions.

Many times we can find that when exploring the MRP, some EOP in past , for example:

Emissions of Planned Orders

Emissions of Planned Orders

In the present case, after realising the explosion we find that to fulfill the plan of production we must sent the Emissions of Planned Orders (EPO) last week, therefore the own MRP will indicate us the possible problems to solve.

Report of Actions

Report of Actions

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